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CONCEPT VIEW MEDIA is a Creative Lab / Production House based in Dubai, UAE, but we operate globally, having filmed projects in over 20 countries.

We are a group of young, energetic, creative, passionate filmmakers, and we love what we do! Throughout the years, we have worked with incredible people, amazing clients, creative agencies and so many talented fellow filmmakers. We commit to always getting the perfect team to fit every project.

We make movies. Whether it's just a single service like concept creation and development, screenwriting, filming, post, or the whole shebang (A-Z Production), our team always aims for the most awesome final product! We are hands-on, and we love to get our hands dirty from day 1; that's why we like working and getting along with clients and agencies, so we can come up with great films together.

TV Commercials, Documentaries, Short and Feature Fiction Films, Online Videos, TV Shows, Corporate Films, Radio Ads, Animated Films (2D and 3D), Educational Videos, Workshops, Jingles, Original Music. The list goes on. Wanna know more? Shoot us an email!



Concept Development and Screenwriting

We develop kick-ass concepts for your ideas! Already have a concept? That's fine as well, let us help you develop it into a script.           

Film, TV and Online Production

One of our core business: filming! Whether it's for online, TV or cinema, our crew on set is like fish in the water.


Picture edit, colour grading, VFX, motion tracking, graphics... you name it! Concept View Media is your one-stop-shop for post. 

Animation (2D and 3D)

If you need dinosaurs, monsters, talking animals or simply a good old cartoon character, in space or on earth, we'll do it for you.  

Original Music Composition

Did we mention that we compose our own music? From epic to emotional, our films are scored in-house, to the beat.

Sound Design

George Lucas said that "sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie". We agree. 

Location Sound Recording

A good location sound saves a lot of headaches in post. We never disregard this. "QUIET ON SET!​"

Aerial Photography / Cinematography

We have drones, and we love to play with them. Isn't the world a much more interesting place from above?  


Our photographers do fashion, landscape, catalogue, food, beauty, architecture, portrait. And selfies, we also do selfies.   

Crew Services

You need (awesome) crew for your project, but don't need us to do the production? That's alright, you can borrow our crew. Our roster includes Directors, Cinematographers, Location Sound, Composers, Animators, Producers. And one dog.   

Production Services

We're not selfish. So if you already have a production going on and you just need Production Services, we will do that for you as well: Casting, Location Services, Technical Production (filming crew and equipment). And by the way, other Production Houses are not competition; they're a good chance for a creative collaboration!  


Talent is meant to be passed along. So we often organise or participate in workshops for film, photography, sound, etc. Our students today might become our crew tomorrow!  


Here are the clients we had the pleasure to collaborate with. It's time we add the logo of your company to this list!

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Concept View Media

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Building 7, 211

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